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Brian Recommends:

Referrals For Life Coaching, Therapy And Naturopathic Health

(Please Mention Psalm 16 When You Reach Out)

Dr. Angel Storm : Coach for Coaches And Entrepreneurs

Dr. Angel Storm

Coaching For Coaches And

Business Consulting For Entrepreneurs

I'm Angel Storm and I'm the owner of The Manifold Mind and The Manifold Marketplace. I've been a life coach for nearly 5 years and just recently changed the focus of my coaching on to coaching coaches and leaders. Prior to that I specialized in narcissistic abuse recovery. If you're a coach looking to revitalize yourself or your business, I'd love to work with you! If you're a narcissistic abuse Victor and are looking for resources, my YouTube channel has a ton of videos available for you and nearly all of my products are listed on my website for free.

My second business, The Manifold Marketplace, is a place where want-repreneurs are equipped to become entrepreneurs and truly own their business/es. If you're looking to start your business or redesign one that you're already operating on a complete and firm foundation, you can schedule an appointment with me to see if we're a good fit for each other! All my links are listed below.

Very short version: I'm Angel Storm and I coach coaches to find passion for their calling and I help people create legacies in the marketplace. My coaching specialized in narcissistic abuse recovery for four years, so I have a wealth of videos and products that are free on my website below

🙌 Coaches, Connect with Me Here:

🖐️ Entrepreneurs, Connect with Me Here:

✨ Narcissistic Abuse Victors, Connect with Me Here:

🎥 Check Out My YouTube Channel Here: ✍️ Subscribe to My YouTube Here:

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Ask Annalisa

Life And Relationship Coaching

Life & Relationship Coaching since 2007, I love Coaching on how to live your best life! Our Decisions today = Our Happy Tomorrows! 678.431.6528

Contact Life Coach Annalisa

Coach Rian 

Davis Health And Wellness Coaching

Personal Trainer, I help you develop a healthy relationship with food while getting you in shape safely.

Contact Coach Rian

Enneagram Coach And Pastor, Dr. Tom LaHue

Dr. Tom LaHue, Enneagram Life And Relationship Coach

Relationship and Personal Growth Coaching Through The Enneagram

Contact Dr. LaHue

Dr. Sayra Green

Professional Counseling

Dr. Sayra is a Licensed Clinical Pastoral Counselor, through the National Christian Counselors Association.

License #21439

She is also a Certified Temperament Counselor, and holds 

Advanced Certification in Temperament Therapy and Crisis and Abuse Therapy.

Her Training also includes a Christian, Biblical Based form of Cognitive Therapy.

She holds a Doctorate in Christian Counseling from Ministry International Institute.

Her Undergraduate Studies were completed at the University of Florida. 

She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Religious Studies.

Contact Dr. Sayra

Illinois Naturopathy

Natural Health And Nutrition

Your initial appointment requires a non-refundable $5 to book your appointment and from there you only pay only what is laid upon your heart from our Father. Any herbs, supplements, or other products that are recommended are not included, but can be offered at a discounted (near wholesale) price. We are unable to give discounts on tests, as the prices on these are primarily what the labs charge.

The initial appointment is 90 minutes - this is done over the phone or video (only phone at this time) which involves a detailed health history, going over your current health concerns, and a plan going forward. Follow ups are usually 60 minutes and done on a monthly basis, however if more intensive support and care is needed, especially for those in difficult spiritual and emotional warfare, arrangements can be made for more consistent sessions. We also offer support through email correspondence.

We do charge fees for those that miss their appointments. In providing donation-based healthcare, we believe it is important to love and respect one another. We do not ask for monetary compensation, but only that if you commit to a session with us, that one, you show up, and two, you are willing to self-examine yourself and make some changes. Making an appointment and not showing up, also prevents us from helping someone else in need, so we ask that you are respectful of this as well. No-show fees are $25/session. Thank you for keeping true to your word!

At this time, appointments are limited to Monday's. You can schedule your appointment here. If you need another day/time please email us with your availability.

For further information or questions, please contact us through email: [email protected] and make sure to reference you are interested in our Donation-Based Sessions for Messianic Believers. Shalom.

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