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About Brian

Host: Brian Newman

Brian Newman is an United States Air Force 9/11 Era Veteran where he was a Human Resources Specialist and Commander's Support Staff.  Despite growing up desperately poor and losing both parents at an early age, 

he holds Bachelor degrees in History, Foreign Language, and a Master's Degree in Human Services with emphasis in Marriage and Family Counseling. He also attended a year of Graduate Level Seminary in Theological Studies. 

Brian has worked in a variety of settings to include an Inner City Boys and Girls Club, a Drug Rehab, a Halfway House for recently Incarcerated Men, and a Group Home for the Mentally Ill. He also worked as a Peer Support for those with Depression/Anxiety, worked for Section 8 Housing and worked as an Assessor for people with Intellectual Disabilities. 

Brian has been a volunteer Mentor at the Boys and Girls Club, A Court Appointed Special Advocate for Children and a Special Olympics Buddy and a member of missions teams to Texas, Mexico and the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

He is a Certified Life Coach, Dream Interpreter and a Graduate of the Chattanooga Citizen's Police Academy,  "Dad's Making a Difference' Program, Belmont Songwriters Association and Phi Alpha Theta History Honor's Society. 

Brian's hobbies include Dream Interpretation, Ninjutsu, Graphology, writing Lyrics and writing Books. 

He has lived in Germany twice, once in the military and later as a student at the Goethe Language Institute in Munich and then as an exchange student at the Technical University of Dresden. He has visited 11 Countries so far. 

Brian's Blog

"I Saw Stars" Brian's Personal Blog

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Brian's Youtube Channels

ShalomToYourHeart And HebrewHeartsFounder

"In The Master's Hands" 

Brian Newman and Daniel Bertles

'Addictions And Mercy"

Brian Newman

Brian's Lyrics Set To Music

'The Best Things They Threw Away"

Lyrics by Brian Newman

Music by Stephen Belin


Lyrics by Brian Newman

Music by Roger Jaeger

A Life In Photos

Growing Up Small Town Poor

Birth Family

Log Cabin 

1st Combat Communications

Squadron, Ramstein Air Base

Venice, Italy on the Gondola

Special Olympics

Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany

EuroDisney in Paris, France

Top of the Alps, Switzerland

Near Prague, Czech Republic

Mission Trip to 

Arlington, Texas

Reading his Book

on N.P.R. Chattanooga

Donning the Tallit 

at Synagogue

Baptizing at the 

Hiawassee River

Hebrew Hearts Outreach

Brian with his Girls

Books By Brian

'Audio Poetry:

Poems And Prayers 

For Weary Hearts"

Order Here

"Redeemed: Notes On Courtship In A Broken World"

Order Here

"The Dreaming Tree:

Even In The Night 

Our Hearts Instruct Us"

-Coming Soon-

Order Here

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